Multiplayer Launch!

The Multiplayer Update is Live! [gfycat data_id=”LeadingSolidCoyote” data_autoplay=true] Join your friends on Steam, or join strangers in a public game in SculptrVR. Build worlds together! During the beta, we’ve had the opportunity to jump into many of your worlds, explore them, play in them, and add to them. It’s been incredibly fun, and I can’t […]

Adaptive Detail And World Gallery Update

The latest update to SculptrVR adds two long awaited features: Adaptive Detail and a World Gallery! Adaptive Detail: The Adaptive Detail combines far off, small voxels into larger ones. This reduces the triangle count, and allows the player to keep sculpting for a much longer time! [gfycat data_id=”MelodicAngelicAcornbarnacle” data_autoplay=true] Here’s a a gif showing you […]