The latest update brings three major things to SculptrVR:

The Rectangular Box Brush Tool

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A tool to build straight walls has been the most requested feature lately. Well this box tool does that and more! The rectangular box lets you draw straight square lines, build thin walls, and fill/delete volumes.

Distance Fog

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This adds an excellent distance queue to really emphasize the scale of your creations — both in VR and in screenshots. You can adjust the fog settings in the left hand menu. Fog, like sun position, is shared by all players in multiplayer, so you’ll all see the same thing! I’m looking forward to Hide&Seek in “Silent Hill” mode.

Built-in Oculus Touch support

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Those of you with early access to the Oculus Touch will now have different hands and controls. If you see a player join your game with oculus touch controllers, you can bet he/she is VR dev!


A few potential crashes have been fixed. A GIANT refactor has been done allowing simple extensions and changes to player hands. (This refactor is a big deal, I swear 😉 )

Coming Soon

Got a new GTX 10XX card and want more graphics options to push it to its limits? Tired of having only 16 colors? Want more variety to the materials and textures? What about a paintbrush tool?

We’ve got quite a bit planned for the comming weeks 🙂


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