FINALLY! SculptrVR gets a color picker!
(and also 3 other fairly major features)
[Edit July 28, 2016: Hotfix for some multiplayer bugs and Graphics optimizations]

3D Color Picker

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Customize any color on your palette by double clicking it! Pick any color out of the air above your palette.

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You can also use the color picker stick like an ‘eyedropper’ tool and stick it into any placed voxel to copy its color.

Paintbrush Tool

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Now you can change the color of already placed voxels! I was surprised by how often it comes in handy now that there’s a color picker 🙂

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Ambient Occlusion

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Ambient Occlusion adds a lot of depth and texture to the SculptrVR world. By default AO is now on with a quality setting of low. This gives a kind of cell-shaded look to the voxels. It makes each voxel really pop out.

SculptrVR Ambient Occlusion Comparison

Graphics Settings

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I’ve only got a GTX 970, so this doesn’t really help me. But if you’ve got a 980ti or a new 1080, try out high or ultra settings. This will improve AO quality, up your screen space super sampling, and turn on all the bells and whistles.

Definitely Coming Soon
Glowing & metalic voxels, an upload server to share your worlds, and the first game mode prototype!

Maybe Coming Soon..
We’ve got a lot of ideas for future features. Let us know in the comments what sounds best!
Destructible floor: what if rockets didn’t bounce, and instead carved into the floor?
Dual Wielding: hold different colored spheres in each hand.
Body Sculptures: build onto your head/hands/body.
Placeable lights: Spruce up your cave with a truly lit fireplace.
Copy/Paste: select it, scale it, place it again and again.

Thank you to all our users! Please leave a comment with any other features you’d like to see. Or games you’d like to play in a destructible voxel world!


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