SculptrVR just got a lot prettier!
This update brings glowing and metalic/reflective voxel types to your worlds.

Glowing Voxels
Glowing voxels begin to emit more light as the sun sets and really bloom once the moon rises high! Don’t forget you can change the time of day by pointing your teleport laser at the sun/moon and pulling the trigger.

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An image taken of Dragon Brawl by Erica Layton

Metallic/Reflective Voxels
Voxels can now be given a waivy, reflective surface. This works great both as shiny metal and as water.

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An image taken of Cloud Dojo by Erica Layton

Incredible New Demo Worlds
There are 9 new worlds to explore as well as a brand new preview gallery!

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Three worlds were created by Suzanne Leibrick (inannamute): Rigel 4, Transylvania, and Shannavirra.

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An image taken of Shannavirra by Suzanne Leibrick

And there are six new creations from Erica Layton (@EricaLayton): Dragon Brawl, World Turtle, Jungle Block, Cloud Dojo, Hoodoo Sea, and Zebra Dragon.

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An image taken of Hoodoo Sea by Erica Layton

Other Improvements

  • Loading a world from disk is ~4x faster
  • Sculpting actions (especially at high detail) happen more quickly and feel more responsive
    Reduced CPU overhead of large worlds
  • Added a screen-space reflections option in the graphics menu
  • Many sculptures can now share one compute thread (this mostly sets us up for future planned features)
  • New File Locations. Screenshots, saved worlds, and exported meshes are now saved in Documents/SculptrVR. Old files will be transferred to this folder on launch.
  • Ambient light & fog color now match sky color
  • Glowing rocket particles (VERY PRETTY)
  • Button text has been outlined and enlarged for improved readability
  • Menus no longer stack atop each other and are less bulky
  • Buttons have a new voxelly look
  • Buttons smoothly grow/shrink on selection/deselection
  • Improved color selector based on user feedback
  • Save/Load graphics settings
  • Sun position now stored when you save a world
  • Added an optional floor-platform for those of you with a fear of heights
  • Popups for important information such as save locations

Bug Fixes

  • Menu sizes will now be scaled correctly in multiplayer
  • The teleport cage will now be scaled correctly in multiplayer
  • Teleport scale indicator no longer reports false values in multiplayer
  • Rockets’ explosion smoke particles now scale with rocket size
  • Bloom graphics settings no longer get reset when moving the sun
  • Small-scale particles no longer fall through the sculpture
  • Saving worlds no longer inserts previously saved emitters into your newly saved world
  • The lobby menu will now be scaled correctly at any player scale
  • Fixed an issue with saving/loading empty worlds
  • Fixed an issue which allowed players to join multiple multiplayer games simultaneously
  • Fixed an issue which allowed players to prematurely exit the lobby menu
  • Fixed a crash when exporting empty worlds

Known Bugs in this Version

  • Multiplayer lobbies always list 1 player
  • Clients can’t change emitter velocity in multiplayer
  • Voice cuts out in mid sentence in multiplayer
  • Changing pages or exiting out of gallery too quickly can leave residual pedestals

Coming up next

  • The Upload/share Server is at the top of our priority list.
  • The public has spoken, and it wants a copy/paste tool! I just need to figure out how to make the interface…
  • Two minigame modes are under way!

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