[edited on Sept 16, 2016 with voice chat and bug fixes]

This update is a big one, so hang on!

The main new features are the voice chat, copy&paste tool, the (beta) upload server, flashlights, and the arm-extenders.

But there are loads of little improvements and upgrades as well!

Banana Phones

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SculptrVR’s voice has 3 options in the settings menu: On, Off, and Banana.

In banana mode, you’ll only transmit voice when holding up your controller to your head like a phone. Your controller will morph into a banana to let you know it’s transmitting.

Copy & Paste Tool

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Copy by selecting a rectangle.

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Paste anywhere. You can do axis aligned (voxel perfect) paste, or oriented (voxel approximation) paste.

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Repeat until satisfied.

Copy paste places a sculpture into your left hand. You can sculpt onto that hand to clean up your copy before pasting. You can do an axis aligned paste that only allows grid-snap movement, 90 degree rotations, and scaling by factors of 2. Or you can do a full oriented/scaled paste, but it will only be a best-attempt approximation. They’re both really useful!

For now the copy/paste is single player only. In the future we might allow it for hosts in multiplayer, but it’d be too expensive to let every player do..

Upload Server

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When you make something cool, save it online so the world can see it!

For now each player has one upload slot. If you upload twice, your second upload replaces your first. We’re rolling out something more complicated (And awesome) soon, but we wanted to get the sharing started as soon as possible! I’m really excited to see what you all are making!


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Tilt your wrist back and a flashlight shines from the bottom of your controller!

Arm Extenders

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Now you can tap the grip buttons to extend your brush out in front of you!

If you’re as lazy as I am, this makes sculpting the floor waaaay more manageable.

Other New Things

  • Player Rotation: Swipe horizontally with the teleporter to rotate your avatar.
  • Tool Menu in the Off Hand: This tool menu has a camera, teleporter, sun/moon grabber, and a copy/paste tool
  • Camera Tool: use this tool in your off hand to take screenshots. For now it takes screenshots from the point of view of your head rather than the camera. We’ll fix it soon…
  • Handedness: there’s an option in the settings menu to switch your dominant hand. This is extra useful if you’re using Touch Controllers 😉

Miscellaneous Improvements

  • Upgraded to Unreal Engine 4.13 providing improved VR rendering
  • Remove “EULA” button from multiplayer confirmation menu
  • Added a spotlight to the world gallery
  • All lasers emit from the same laser pointer model
  • Menu titles have a thick black outline
  • New paintbrush model
  • Carve debris is now solid
  • Change water particle scale with vertical swipes, and change velocity with horizontal swipes
  • New dashed line selection box for box brush
  • The skygrabber and teleporter have been separated into two separate tools.
  • Fixed a bug that broke the world gallery if an empty save file existed
  • Fixed a bug where previews of large worlds ignored direct light
  • Fixed water emitter brush in multiplayer
  • Metallic voxels now respond to flashlights

Known Bugs

  • Multiplayer lobbies always list 1 player
  • Changing pages or exiting out of gallery too quickly can leave residual pedestals

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