[edit Sept 30, 2016: FBX export and crash fix]

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This update is a bit eclectic!

Let’s jump straight in:

Multiplayer Undo/Redo
You can now undo and redo changes in multiplayer!

Strange things can happen if multiple players sculpt in the same region and try to undo/redo. The options were to either let strange things happen, or void out your undo’s when there are conflicts. Tough choice..

Multiplayer Copy/Paste
The host of an MP game now has a working copy/paste tool!

I hope we can get this working for all players eventually, but it’s a super computationally difficult task. Bear with us 🙂

Blending Paint Tool
The paint brush now has a secondary mode! Hit the application button to switch to soft blending mode!

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The difference between hard and soft paint blending modes

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Blending paint allows for much more colorful creations

Butterfly Catching
The copy/paste tool now also acts as a butterfly catching device!

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A sculpted net is used to coerce butterflies into a cage

Butterflies flee from your head, hands, and sculpted tool. You can use these to direct a butterfly into a sculpted cage!

Help Panels
Each tool now has a help panel with a description of its features.

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The panel starts small and turn to be visible in your view, so they (hopefully) won’t be too distracting when you rapidly switch between tools!

Import CSV Files
This one’s a little bit technical, but we wanted users to have some way of importing external data into SculptrVR.
To try this, you’ll need follow these instructions:
In your game directory, in the “SculptrVR” folder, create a folder named “CSVs”. In that folder, place a file named “Data.csv”.

The format of the csv file should be: One voxel per row. Each row should have x,y,z,r,g,b. X/Y should be centered around 0. Z should be greater than 0 (0 is the floor). r/g/b should range from 0 to 255.

Please let me know at info@sculptrvr.com if want to try this and get confused!

Other Improvements

  • Polished 3D color customizer
  • Wide-screen mirroring on monitors. No more black bars!
  • Less intrusive selection boxes
  • New water brush icon
  • Multiplayer avatars no longer show clear cylinders for hands (why did those ever exist?)
  • Fixed: Intermittent issues with the stamp tool after copying
  • Fixed: GUI items oscillate if the game’s framerate drops

Known Bugs

  • Multiplayer lobbies always list 1 player
  • Changing pages or exiting out of gallery too quickly can leave residual pedestals

If you made it this far, thank you! We’ve got more cool updates planned in the future!

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