It’s been over a month since SculptrVR has had an update. This one took a lot of work, but it’s finally ready!

  • New Sculptable heads in multiplayer!
  • CPU performance improved by 30-50%
  • Memory usage reduced by ~50%
  • Polish everywhere!
  • Multiplayer now has: brush detail & loading levels together
Multiplayer Heads

Build your head in the gallery. Save it to upload it to the content server!

Bring your custom head with you into multiplayer. Other players can sculpt on your head, and you can sculpt on theirs.
You can even shoot eachother with rockets!

Expanded CSV import Capabilities
  • CSV import now supports XYZRGB or XYZLRGBA
  • Level 0 is smallest voxels (2mm), Level 1 is 4mm voxels, etc
  • Level 20 is the cap (2.097152 km)
  • XYZ is in local level coordinates, so (0,0,5,1) is actually twice as high above the floor as (0,0,5,0).
  • A is material type. 255 is standard cement. 254 is metal. 127 is glowing. All others will (probably) be buggy.
Other Miscellaneous New Features
  • New preview gallery with larger, easier to see previews
  • Can now change your brush detail in multiplayer
  • Loading levels in multiplayer with more than 2 players
  • New laser-based tool menu (Please give us feedback!)
  • Undo/Redo now works for on the stamp brush as well as head sculptures
  • Multiple options for mirror window
  • Clients can now draw on the host’s stamp brush in multiplayer
  • Reduce memory usage by 50% by streaming LoDs instead of storing them
  • Reduce loading times by 50%
  • Speed up sculpting by 30%
  • Reduce frame drops during sculpting and loading
  • File saving/loading is now (finally) done on background threads
Polish Everywhere!
  • Glowing particles while adding material
  • Brushes glow while deleting
  • Stronger haptics and audio effects while stretching cylinder and box previews
  • Bouncy tool animation on sculpt-start & tool/mode switch
  • Bouncy color picker animation
  • Bouncy tool menu icons
  • Simplify multiplayer joining
  • Stamp drawing bounds to allow drawing on the world while stamp is in use
  • Text outlines to improve readability
  • Improved sound effects
  • New sound and haptic effects for color buttons and color customizer
  • Haptic and visual effects for gui lasers
  • Ambient music, haptic and visual effects while skygrabbing
  • Animated butterflies
  • Teleport avatars show the current state of players’ head sculptures
  • Stamp is much more stable in multiplayer
  • Fix crash caused by copy/paste brush exploding memory usage
  • Players with 4K monitors that get bad performance can turn off the mirror mode in graphics settings
Known Issues
  • Water brush can get stuck placing after switching to delete mode
  • Clearing a world in MP doesn’t reset client locations
  • Rockets occasionally explode in midair without colliding with any material
  • Lobbies always list 1/16 players

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