This Update brings more optimization, polish, and HANG GLIDERS!

Holy voxels, we have liftoff. With this latest update, you can fly around your worlds with realistic air physics! You’ll never want to teleport again.

  • To bring out your hang glider, there’s a tool in off-hand menu.
  • You control your hang glider as if holding an invisible hang glider bar.
  • Pull the trigger to jump and take off, then hold the trigger to accelerate with a weak motor.
  • You Turn by turning your body. The game will not turn you.
  • Tilting sideways helps to preserve momentum while turning.
  • Oculus users can additionally snap turn with the thumbstick.
  • You can turn on floor dots for comfort.
  • Flying feels GREAT from any scale.


  • Takeaway: Massively reduced memory usage allows you to build worlds 4 times as big. Faster computing, fewer frame drops.
  • We spent a lot of time massively optimizing the Game thread, shaving 2ms of latency off the render time!
  • Reduce compute spikes on game thread 40% while sculpting.
  • New Octree Node reduces compute time by 25% and memory by 75%.
  • Full asynchronous disk access. No more frame drops for you spinning disk havers!
  • Optimize render pipeline (save 0.2ms).
  • Reduce overdraw geometry (save 0.2ms, and some memory).
  • Add LoDs to player hands so that many-player games have reduced triangles.
  • Cleared out unused assets to reduce install size.
  • Update to UE4.14.2 from 4.13.2.
  • Fancy Polish
  • Tool/menu positioning improvements (especially on Oculus).
  • Added fullscreen mirror mode on Oculus.
  • Long player names now cut off instead of overlapping into player count in Multiplayer listings.
  • Rockets are simulated locally to reduce lag between firing & seeing the rocket fly.
  • Can no longer draw on your own head mid-game. (Others can still draw onto your head, though!).

Bug Fixes

  • Fix ‘ghost material’ bug where material could become un-deletable.
  • Fix copy/paste brush scale when copying at large size.
  • Fix bug where Fog inscattering and and light reflections would not line up sun/moon when player was out in the edges of the world.
  • Fix ancient bug where rockets sometimes blew up in mid air.
  • Clear Scene now resets client positions in Multiplayer and properly clears ball spawners.

CSV Changes
SculptrVR now starts you off in a demo world. So loading CSVs on game-start is no longer an option. To load a CSV file now, you need to press ctrl+shift+L

Known Current Bugs:
Player count is always listed at 1/16.

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