The contest results are finally in! Sorry for the delay, we’ve been working really hard on smashing all the bugs for our Google Daydream launch! (We’ll be posting more about that soon!)

So without further delay, here are the winners!

$50 Grand Prize, @bobosaurs‘ Lazy Leprechaun! We really like the added touches of painting the rainbow into the ground and his fizzy definitely family-friendly St Patrick’s Day Soda.

First $20 Runner-up, @sirkitree‘s Fantasy Ireland! There’s so much to explore, between the villages, castles, and the giant tower in the center. Great world for hang-gliding, someone should add some rings and turn it into a race track 😉

Second $20 Runner-up, @thebigmancsgo‘s Exploding Pot O’ Gold! Most people don’t go for the blocky text, we like it!

And actually that’s all the submissions we got, so everyone’s a winner! With all the Daydream chaos, we totally forgot to mention the competition in the Steam Community page, so it didn’t get the visibility we were hoping for. Notes for next time 😀

If you’re a winner, check your twitter! We’ll contact you there.

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