This update is our first step toward game modes to play within SculptrVR! We’ve been having a lot of fun with multiplayer ball 🙂

The Ball

The ball.. is a ball. It feels like a ball. It’s just as fun as a ball.

You can throw it.

You can shoot it with rockets.

You can change its size and color, too.

To make the ball as fun as possible in a variety of use-cases, we needed to compensate for player latency. So the ball is actually forward simulated on each client so that all players see the ball at the same place at the same time! We do the same with rockets, so clients don’t need to wait for the server to tell them when a rocket explodes. They just see it happen instantly!

Improved Particle Physics

To get the ball feeling this good, we had to upgrade our physics a bit. Particle physics is more accurate and stable!

Also, now you can do this:

One more thing:
Particle spawn rates adjust based on whether they’re visible to the player. Small spawners that are far away create 8x fewer particles, so that more particles can be made where you’re looking!

Online Gallery Update

We’ve extended the online gallery a bit! Now every player has 5 world slots they can upload to. No need to choose which world to store online anymore!

Also we updated the look of the gallery with spinning previews:

Gravity Architect

We made the first game using SculptrVR’s engine! And hot damn, is it cool.

Dynamic gravity field particle ballistics in space.

Please try it out, because it’s awesome. Also it’s FREE!
Download it Here![]

Other Stuff

  • Fix material palette initial color
  • Dedicated button to enable the 3D color picker (double click still works, too)
  • Stamp-tool rotation offsets are accurate in MP
  • Bananas no longer intersect hand meshes
  • Color picker optimizations
  • Gallery optimization
  • Hang glider has an initial leap that makes it easier to start flying (This needs a bit more tuning… Expect a hotfix patch next week)
  • Fix bug that made text boxes stupidly expensive to spawn

Thanks for reading! I hope you have fun!

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